Request a Home Energy Assessment
It’s the right time to save both energy and money! By combining our rebates with qualifying Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits you may be able to reduce your net cost. With or without the tax credits, you will save money on your energy bills by improving your home’s energy efficiency!
We want to help you take advantage of all of the incentives available to you and help you recognize which improvements will benefit both your home and your pocket book. Should you buy new windows or add insulation? How much energy and money will a more efficient furnace save you? How much energy and money will you save with a new heat pump water heater and is it right for your home? To get this information, request a home energy assessment today.
Why do I need an energy assessment?  An energy assessment will provide valuable insight in determining what is negatively affecting the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. A home energy assessment may be advisable if you have experienced a combination of the following issues:
  • High energy usage
  • Inability to maintain consistent house temperatures
  • Continually running furnace or air conditioner
  • Significant temperature variances between rooms
  • Moisture on the windows
  • Drafty rooms
  • Dry indoor air (winter season)
  • Cold floors (winter season)
What are the benefits?
The home energy  assessment is designed to provide solutions to energy and air leakage problems and present recommendations to reduce energy usage and increase your comfort and safety.
What does the Home Energy Performance Assessment include?
  • Energy use review
  • Visual Building Inspection
  • Window and Door Inspection
  • Air Leakage Test - Blower Door (optional)
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Lighting Evaluation and Appliance Usage Estimates
  • Visual Inspection of Heating and Cooling Systems and Water Heater
The energy auditor will help you prioritize energy improvements for your home.
Ready to save money? Call today at 800-927-6068 or email Member Services.
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