Solar Energy Production Goes Live at
                             Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative 
 Solar Web
Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) is expanding its 
education and promotion of the solar industry with the installation of 54 solar panels on 
the rooftop of the cooperative’s offices in Anamosa.  The new array compliments the smaller 
array installed in 2007.
Solar energy is rapidly gaining momentum and MVEC’s members are joining the effort as installation 
costs become affordable and National energy policy discussions continue.  According to CEO Jim Lauzon, 
“As a member-owned cooperative, we are always looking out for our members and finding ways we can 
continue to provide them with quality service.  If members want solar, we want to understand the process 
from start to finish so we can be a resource.”  With that focus, MVEC employees designed a 14.58 KW solar 
system for the headquarters rooftop and then installed the 54 panels.  The system is estimated to produce 
18,000 kWhs annually, or 8% of the buildings energy use.  The knowledge gained from the installation will 
allow the Cooperative to better evaluate the benefits of installing solar at various locations across its 
service territory.
In 2007 the cooperative installed a 2.2 KW wind turbine and a 2.2 KW solar array immediately north of their 
headquarters that is linked to a weather station and ultimately to the cooperative’s website where members 
and the general public can track both historic and real time energy production.  High school students throughout 
the cooperative’s service area have visited the display and participated in presentations about energy generation 
and distribution, including renewable energy.  Learn more about this interactive resource here Live PV Array Data and here Live Wind Data. 
According to Lauzon, “Iowa’s future energy needs will require a mix of generating sources including renewable.  
No one technology can do it alone." 
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