Thanks for Your Patronage

Other businesses return profits to investors and stockholders.  Not us.  Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative belongs to the communities we serve and we share profits back with the people, our members, in those communities.

In September, 2018 the Cooperative's Board of Directors approved the distribution of $306,338 in Capital Credit retirements, sending checks to 14,591 current and former consumer-members.  This amount represents 100% of the allocated margins for 2003 and approximately 8.5% of the allocated margies for 2017.  The amount of each check is based on how much electricity that member purchase during those years.

Checks were mailed in late October to current members and to former members at addresses on record. If your retired patronage dividends are under $5 they will be held until the accumulated amount is over $5.

Patronage dividend checks are considered void after 120 days from issuance so please promptly deposit your check upon receipt. Also, be sure to notify the Cooperative of address changes after you move out of our service area so future patronage checks can be properly delivered to you.

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