MVEC has installed three renewable energy systems for generation of electricity from solar and wind  to supplement energy use at the cooperative’s headquarters office in Anamosa, and to provide a community learning opportunity by demonstrating real-time renewable energy information, accessible on this website. 
Renewable Energy Production by year:
2014 Renewable Energy Production
2009 Renewable Energy Production
Renewable energy from the sun
The photovoltaic (solar) array, consisting of 2 solar modules, at the cooperative’s site has a total of 8 - 142 Watt and 16 - 71 Watt solar panels manufactured by Sharp, connected to a Fronius IG 2500-LV inverter. The inverter converts the DC energy produced by the solar panels into AC power for use at the office. The modules are mounted on racks attached to a galvanized pipe. Expected annual output based on design and this location is 258 kWh per month or 3096 kWh annually.
To learn more about solar energy applications in Iowa, visit the Iowa Energy Center’s Solar Energy page at:
 Use the online solar calculator and comprehensive solar maps of Iowa. For more information on solar energy systems, connect to
In 2013, MVEC employees designed a 14.58 KW solar system for the headquarters rooftop and then installed the 54 panels. The system is estimated to produce 18,000 kWhs annually, or 8% of the buildings energy use. The knowledge gained from the installation will allow the Cooperative to better evaluate the benefits of installing solar at various locations aross its service territory.
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Renewable energy from wind
The Skystream 3.7 wind energy generator is a 1.8 KW Residential Power Appliance manufactured by Southwest Windpower, in Flagstaff AZ, and is mounted on a 50’ mono tower (35’ is standard). The three blades have a diameter of only 12 feet and the unit has only two moving parts. Located in Anamosa, with lower overall wind speeds, expected annual output is 4120 annually, with minimal, if any, wind generation during summer months. The generator begins producing power at low wind speeds (about 8 miles per hour) and has a rated wind speed of 21 miles per hour. SPECS: Rotor: 12 feet; 50–325 RPM; Alternator: Gearless, permanent magnet brushless; Voltage Output: 208 VAC (Optional 240 VAC), Estimated Energy Production: 400 KWh per month at 12 MPH (5.4 m/s) 
 Contact a wind or solar designer/installer to help you with the following
Calculate costs including available Tax Credits and other incentives 
You may qualify for federal and state tax credits and incentives to offset your investment in renewable energy devices. In 2007, federal residential and business solar tax credits are available. Homeowners who install solar energy systems can receive a tax credit worth 30% of the system cost, capped at $2,000. Businesses that purchase solar equipment can receive a credit worth 30% of the system cost, and 10% for microturbines (under 2MW), subject to caps. Solar and wind equipment is also exempt from Iowa sales tax. Find out more about Federal and Iowa Tax Credit incentives at 
Note: This is an educational project only. The Cooperative does not intend to sell these technologies and does 
not endorse a particular vendor.
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